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Welcome to Life Mentor, your number one source for all things blogs. I am dedicated to providing you the very best of our blogs, with an emphasis on Finance, Out-sourcing, Marketing and also Technology related. It is a Bengali Blog site. I publish all of our blogs in Bengali language. The main topics of the Blog Site is Finance, technology, Job’s News etc.

Founded in 2021. Life Mentor has come a long way from its beginnings in Bangladesh. When E.H first started out, his passion for growing knowledge drove them to start their own business. All articles are written by me (EH).

I hope, you enjoy my blogs. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I provide information ….

I verify any information before sharing it with you. I do not share any misinformation on our Website. I do not share a subject unless I have sufficient knowledge about it. If any user of our Website needs to know about any subject then I gain knowledge on that subject and share it in the next one. So if any user has knowledge about any subject then you will share with us.

Some information about our category ….

I discuss many topics on our Website. There are some topics that will never change. There are many topics that will change over time. In our online income category I always try to share sites that pay. But many sites shut down after a certain period of time or do not pay. Our Website will not bear the responsibility for this. Anything that changes over time may not match the information I provide. If you are a victim of such a situation, you will see our forgiveness in a beautiful way. I am always trying to give you the best. I always verify a Website or application before submit it as a part of my content. I am working with multiple niche:

1. Finance: I am working with this category. I am always trying give you the ways and tips about money income, savings money and also business. I also publish the tutorials of marketing. I am a experitise in this category. Because I have successfully written many post in Quora, Tech Tunes website. I am always trying to help all of you in financial savings. I also write blogs by describing money income ways. I also review money income apps and websites. But money income apps and websites  are best for temporary income. And after a time, they will also stop their work. So, I am suggest you, if you want to income money in free time, then it will be helpful for you. I will not introduce you any scam site. Because it is out of our policy. I also publish many tutorials about marketing, tools etc.

2. Job Related post: Nowadays I am writting about job related posts. Where I publish recently published job circular and tips about job’s preparation. I got suggestion from expertise before I write about it.

3. Health: I am not expert in health issues. I gain knowledge from health related books. Then I write tips about our health for make a good habit in our daily life. I am not writing about any diseases and prevention of them. I am not writting about legal medical issues and organs related posts. Because I am not a doctor to write about these.

4. Education: As I am a student,  I can write any posts about education. I am always trying to help other students by solving questions and answering them. I am not writting about anything that I am not expert. :  I want to help the students by giving educational informations. I always take the help of bookish knowledge to write a blog in this category.

5. Technology: It is my favourite niche. I am always trying make a post about technology, devices and gadgets also. I always publish update news about technology.As I am working with multiple niches, so I also write about technology. I am always trying to write update news of technology. I am also reviewing the best quality of many gadgets, devices also. After gaining proper knowledge about a topic, then I publish a post. 

What I don’t write about .

I do not write any post on our Website which is anti-social, ugly and can destroy the society. I don’t write Adult posts mean I don’t write about pornography. No political or anti-humanitarian information is provided on our Website. I do not post in any religion or nation. Our Website is always written on true, good, civil, social issues.

Some more information about us 

I get along Ill with all our users. I reply to all the comments on our website. If anyone wants to contact us, I contact immediately.Don’t hesitate to let us know if you think I need to add more here.

Our Life Mentor Author want to make the family much bigger. For this you all need help. Encourage us by commenting and sharing our post. I wish everyone good health and a beautiful life.

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